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For over a decade Injen Technology Co. LTD,and our sister company RD Metal, have played a major roll in the design and development of Sport Compact Intake Systems. Using our experience and manufacturing expertise, Injen embarked on our never-ending quest to set new industry standards of quality and reliable performance in the air intake and exhaust markets.

Injen Technology is based in Southern California, in the city of Pomona. Injen opened their doors manufacturing the market standard “IS” Series of Sport Compact Short Ram Intakes. After several improvements, the “RD” Series of Cold Air Intakes were introduced for the racers demanding more horsepower and torque. In 2004, more and more vehicles became equipped with MAF Sensors to control fueling.

-Most competitors choose to do little To their design process. Injen did not; we developed and patented our MR Technology –

a patented tuning process which revolutionized tuning as we know it today. Air Fusion –another patented process - followed as even more precise tuning was required to release the full potential of new, more advanced vehicles. Both of these features are the foundation for our “SP” Series Intakes. However, being the industry leader wasn’t enough. In 2006, Injen embarked on developing intakes for the growing Truck/ SUV/ Diesel markets, hence, our “Power Flow” Performance Intakes. All of our lines are well recognized and well rooted in the current Automotive Aftermarket.